For those of you who are fans of the New Orleans Saints and stayed up on Thursday night to watch the Black and Gold take on the Blue and Silver, also known as the Dallas Cowboys, I am sorry. That was not one of the most entertaining games for Saints fans to endure.

The Cowboys soundly defeated the Saints, the final score was 27 to 17, and no, the Saints weren't "blown out" but they certainly did not look like themselves. One of the reasons they probably didn't look like they normally look is because it seems as if half of the team's lineup has been sidelined by injury.

Needless to say, the game had its moments.

And then there was this play that the entire football world was talking about on Friday morning.

But as the game was unfolding, social media became enamoured with action that wasn't on the field, in fact, it was on the sidelines. Check out what Chase Hansen of the Black and Gold was doing on the sidelines right behind Head Coach Sean Payton. Don't look at Sean, look at Chase.

It appears as if Chase is playing with his own spit. I have to admit, I have played a similar game many times in my life. I just didn't play the game in front of a national TV audience. That tweet from Philadelphia Eagles writer Jimmy Kempski wasn't the only one about Hansen's sideline spit dance.


As one member of the Twitterverse stated, the sucking of the spit pretty much sums up the way the Saints season has been going. On Thursday the team lost its fifth game in a row. That's the first time that has happened during the Sean Payton era and the last time it happened was in 2005 during the final tumultuous days of Jim Haslett's tour of duty with the team.

As for what Chase Hansen was thinking, I  have no idea. I only know that with the exception of Taysom Hill leapfrogging the Dallas defender, this might have been the highlight of the night for me.

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