The first reactions to Marvel’s latest film are here. Spider-Man: Far From Home is the final film in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the first direct follow-up to the studio’s epic Avengers: Endgame, and its second solo Spider-Man adventure starring Tom Holland as the spectacular web-slinger. And according to critics who’ve seen the film so far, it succeeds on pretty much all of those levels: Winding down the MCU to date and clearing the stage for Phase Four, following up on some of the events of Endgame (particularly the death of a certain Avenger who we won’t spoil but you know who), and as another solid Spidey film in a string of them, including Spider-Man: Homecoming and Into the Spider-Verse.

First, here’s what our own Matt Singer tweeted about the film:

And here’s a selection of other reactions from around social media:

Here’s the most recent Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer:

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens in theaters on July 2. We’ll have tons more Spidey coverage, including an interview with director Jon Watts, in the weeks ahead.

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