The new Captain America in the MCU, Anthony Mackie, is coming home to New Orleans with 20 acres of land that he recently acquired to reportedly build a studio space.


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Sam Wilson (aka Falcon aka Captain America)

It's been shown in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Falcon (and new Captain America) is from New Orleans, because the 43-year-old actor who plays him is from New Orleans.

It appears that Mackie is giving back to his community in a big way. He's reportedly purchased 20 acres of land in New Orleans East to open a studio.

Land records show that Mackie signed the papers March 11th. While he hasn't confirmed what the property is for, it has been reported that this will be the site of a new studio being built for his production company East Studios LLC.


Anthony Mackie Joins Captain America During Grand Opening of Avengers Campus
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Where is Anthony Mackie From

“The actor, 43, who trained initially at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, said through his agent that it was premature to discuss specifics,” the outlet revealed. However, “several people involved in the months-long negotiation for the land said Mackie intends to site his new production company, East Studios LLC, at the Read Boulevard tract and is looking to buy more space nearby.”

Hollywood South is still going strong, and this will only help to further push new movies to be filmed in the area. The purchase will also reportedly include the acquisition of intellectual property, development, production, and marketing.


Dr. Calvin Mackie

Anthony isn't the only Mackie giving back to his community. His brother, Dr. Calvin Mackie also has plans to advance their hometown of New Orleans.

The good doctor is making Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) accessible to children, as he plans to build a 42,000-square-foot innovation hub by 2023 to support the region’s growing community.

“We took technology and the human capital out into the community. Now we made a connection and we want the community to follow us so we are building a home where they can come and get more in-depth training based on what they are interested in,” Dr. Calvin said.

Good on both Mackie brothers for remembering where they came from and wanting to make their community a better place!

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