We put our Christmas tree at the road yesterday, and within one hour it was gone!

Each year we put our Christmas tree at the street for the recycling company to pick it up and use it for the Louisiana Coastal Restoration Project.

Louisiana's Coastal Restoration Project uses discarded Christmas Trees to help reduce and reverse erosion  (deq.louisiana.gov)

Not knowing if the program was in effect this year, I put the tree at the road to make certain that I didn't miss the pick-up.  I was going to call Mark Pope, manager of Lafayette's Environmental Quality Department to ask about the recycling of the trees this year, but before I even had a chance to call, someone had already taken the tree!

We brought the tree to the street, and then went inside to get ready for dinner.  When we came outside to head to dinner, the tree was gone!

So, who took my tree?  I am pretty sure that it wasn't the recycling people.  Why would someone want a used Christmas Tree?  I'm perplexed, and saddened that the tree won't be going to help restore Louisiana's coastline!

As an update to this story, I heard from Mark Pope not long after we talked about this on the air.  Here is his email:


Christmas trees have not gone to coastal restoration for five years now.  The funding was from a state program, which was discontinued.

Sorry somebody stole your tree, but maybe it went to create a reef in somebody’s pond.

Christmas trees are “recycled” in Lafayette Parish.   They are collected by Republic Services and brought to LCG’s Compost Facility @ 400 Dugas Rd.  There is no “timeline” for Christmas trees to be set out.  Simply enjoy natural Christmas trees as long as you wish.  When you’re ready to take your tree down, remove all lights, ornaments, and even a wooden tree stand on the tree, which is usually nailed on.  The tree will be ground up into mulch and given to the public for free.

Happiest of all new years!!

You heard him:  Free mulch from LCG!  Thanks for the information Mark!

(Louisiana DEQ)