In an effort to stay open, pay employees and avoid raising menu prices, some restaurants around the country have reportedly begun charging "coronavirus" or "COVID-19" surcharges.

According to customers have begun to notice surcharges ranging anywhere from 5% to $1 per meal at local restaurants around the U.S. Some restaurants are adding the surcharge for a number of different reasons.

In addition to fighting to find ways to stay open, pay employees, and trying to avoid raising prices, restaurants are also dealing with the rising food costs from suppliers.

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"Restaurant owners say they’re responding to higher costs and not taking advantage of people amid the pandemic. A Michigan pub has been adding $1 per meal as a coronavirus-related charge, WXMI reported. According to the TV station, the owner and general manager said they’re just trying to survive and take care of their staff."

Personally, even though we're all feeling the crunch of the pandemic shutdown, I support restaurant's decisions to add on a small surcharge, within reason, to stay afloat. I'd rather pay a little bit more per order right now than see any of these businesses close.

At this point, I haven't heard of any Acadiana restaurants doing this. However, I completely trust that restaurant owners in Acadiana won't take advantage of customers, and only add on the least amount possible to keep things going.

How about you? Do you support restaurants adding this surcharge?

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