One woman's experience at a New Orleans casino has gotten lots of reactions on social media, as she wasn't allowed in after presenting multiple forms of identification. Video shows an employee of the casino telling the woman that he didn't believe it was her actual ID.

Twitter via @dejaharrisontv
Twitter via @dejaharrisontv

Deja Harrison, or @dejaharrisontv on Twitter, posted about her experience which you can see below.

According to Harrison, a casino employee questioning how she achieved her current military rank at such a young age.

See the video of the interaction posted by the person in the video @dejaharrisontv on Twitter below.

Harrison added that NOPD never showed up after being called by the casino employee.

Harrison's experience quickly garnished attention on social media. Here is what others on Twitter had to say.

Some mentioned that others near the situation should have stepped in.

Others began directing attention to the casino itself.

While the video of the interaction may not give the entire backstory of Harrison's experience, it is clear that the employees of the casino did not believe the identification she provided was in fact Harrison. I am not quite sure what led them to that conclusion, other than the details Harrison provided regarding her military status.

We will have to see if any legal action is taken by Harrison after her unpleasant experience with the staff at this New Orleans casino.

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