If you ever need to know just how out of their minds people who fish are, all you have to do is take a look at what happens in the northern part of our country every year. While we here in Louisiana get chided for hitting the bayous, rivers, ponds, lakes, bays, and oceans, in clouds of mosquitoes and thunderstorms, people up north fish a little differently.

One of the big winter past times for those in the upper midwest where the temperature drops and stays below freezing for weeks at a time is ice fishing. It seems pretty simple, once you've figured out whether the ice will hold you. Then the next steps involve drilling your holes in the ice.

Since you're basically in the middle of the water, you can really pick and choose where you want your ice holes to go. A lot of good fishing sportsmanship applies here. In other words, if you know where the fish will bite when it's not frozen, then you can literally take your ice shed and drag it over to that particular spot when water's surface becomes frozen solid.

The story here is less about fishing and more about getting things set up for fishing. We mentioned "dragging your ice shack" around the surface of the frozen lake. Many people, like the stars of this video, use a snowmobile to do that.

Get in there Outdoors via YouTube
Get in there Outdoors via YouTube

The problem is the guy in the ice shack was unaware that the guy in the snowmobile was about to take off. The guy on the snowmobile was unaware that the ice shack was still attached to the ice shack. What you see unfold is the kind of stuff that can only happen while you're fishing.

The guy you see being dragged in this video is Seth Trobec. Seth said the reason he was screaming was in hopes of getting his friend, Cody Mjolsness to stop. When he realized the friend wasn't going to stop or even slow down, he made a decision. He decided to jump out of the ice shack.

All of the action from inside the ice shack was captured on the pair's GoPro Camera which, I must say did an incredible job of taking good pictures even when all hell was breaking loose.

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