Everyone's favorite 10-second photo-sharing app is now even more fun with the addition of texting and video chatting. And the new commercial for the app showcases all of these awesome features, showing everyone from a teen Snapchatting his Grandma from his graduation to a woman videoing someone while brushing her teeth. And throughout the 30-second commercial, a sweet song with a heavy drumbeat plays in the background. What's the song?

It's 'Young Hearts' by Strange Talk, an indie band hailing from Australia with a synthpop sound and already several movie and TV show credits to their name. While you might not recognize the group, you may have heard some of their tracks in movies like 'That Awkward Moment,' or on television shows like '90210.' The band released their debut album, 'Cast Away' in 2013, and while 'Young Hearts' is not featured on the record, it's already gaining exposure by being in the commercial for such a popular app. And with relatable lyrics like "We’re young hearts, look at us go / all we really need is a stereo," 'Young Hearts' is sure to be an indie-pop fave. Listen to it above!

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