It's finally here, it's Geek'd Con weekend and here are just a few reasons why I'm pumped up!

Yes, the annual geek convention has made it's way back to town this weekend, with doors opening tonight at the Shreveport Convention Center and will remain open until Sunday afternoon. This convention is unlike any other in our area, ad it's truly amazing that we get to enjoy it right here in Shreveport, LA. Conventions of this magnitude are generally held in much larger cities.

This year, the fifth year of the convention, they have gone above and beyond in regards to their guest line-up and vendors.

Now, check out the six reasons I;m excited for Geek'd Con.



  • 1

    Michael Freakin' Rooker

    Of course, Geek'd Con's headliner is number one on my list. I've been excited for months at the prospect of meeting Michael Rooker. Now, less than 24 hours away, I legitimately cannot contain my excitement.

  • 2

    Vendors Galore

    One of my favorite things to do at Geek's Con, like many of you... Is shop. The vendor line-up at this event is just as unique and well-rounded as the guest line-up. I can walk around vendor row for hours and never get bored, and always find something new to buy.

  • 3


    If you know me, you know I love The Office. I honestly can't believe I'll have the chance to meet not just one, but two pivotal stars from my favorite TV show. Oscar Nunez and Leslie D. Baker, Oscar and Stanley respectively, will be in town all weekend and I've never been more excited about anything in my life.

  • 4

    Creative Costumes

    If you love to people-watch, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better location than Geek'd Con. Every year, I;m beyond impressed with the cosplay and costumes worn by con-goers. Many cosplay outfits represent hours and hours of hard work. I love seeing all of the creativity, you truly never know what you'll see next.

  • 5

    WWE Hall of Famers

    Growing up in the 90's in Shreveport means I was a huge wrestling fan growing up. If you would have told ten-year-old me that one day he'll meet Kevin Nash, he wouldn't believe you. Now, if you told him he'll always meet Trish Stratus, he's probably blush and go hide in his closet to do the inevitable awkwardness of meeting the prettiest woman on the planet. That's exactly what's happening this weekend as both WWE Hall of Famers are in town.

  • 6


    To put it as simply as possibly, I'm excited for all the fun that will inevitably be had this weekend. This is such a special and unique convention. I love to have fun, and the fun never ends at Geek'd Con.

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