Significant progress has been made on a roundabout along Chemin Metairie Parkway in Youngsville that is expected to have a positive impact. Acadiana residents that frequent the Youngsville Sports Complex or other nearby establishments should now have an easier time driving around with the Savoy Road exit now open to the new roundabout.

Facebook via Mayor Ken Ritter
Facebook via Mayor Ken Ritter

The new roundabout at the intersection of Savoy Rd and Chemin Metairie Pkwy has been under construction for some time now. See an aerial view of where it is located via the map below.


As you can see, the new roundabout is adjacent to the Youngsville Sports Complex which is quite busy at this time of year. The Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy is also nearby, meaning a consistent amount of traffic passes through this part of Youngsville on a daily basis.

But as of today, Savoy Rd is now open to exit to the brand new roundabout.

Significant Progress Made on Road Construction at Busy Youngsville Intersection

See the announcement from Youngsville's Mayor Ken Ritter on Facebook below.

The roundabouts in Youngsville have become somewhat of a running joke for Acadiana residents due to the plethora of them. But Youngsville knows its relationship with roundabout, as they even celebrated their beloved traffic circles with a Youngsville Christmas Roundabout Tour.

Some folks from Acadiana have tried to do the math on how many roundabouts this makes for the Youngsville area.


At this point, it seems like counting roundabouts is a waste of time since there will probably be another one by the time I have finished writing this article. Nevertheless, residents who frequent this part of town have responded to the progress with an overwhelming amount of positivity.


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