Mickey Shunick's family released a statement yesterday following the confirmation of remains found in Evangeline Parish as Mickey.

"Our world became a better place on May 22, 1990, when Mickey came into this world. She brightened the lives of everyone she touched. She deserved a long and happy life filled with love and laughter, but unfortunately, today’s news proved otherwise.

Today, we begin our lives without Mickey. We have not just lost our daughter and our children have not just lost their sister; but all of us have lost a part of ourselves. Now, as we begin our healing process, we can only ask for a bit of privacy from the media and the public during this somber time.


We have been so deeply touched by the thousands of strangers who have shown us their support during this difficult journey. We can never begin to repay all of you for your time, generosity, and unending support and love. And we know that Mickey would feel the same.

Also, we have to remember that we are not the only family that has been hurt by this tragedy. Please consider in your thoughts the other families that have unwillingly been made a part of this crisis.

Let us remember to always be inspired by who Mickey was: her contagious smile, her love for all creatures, her devotion to family and friends, her passion for her students (for whom she served as a role model), and last, but not least, the ray of sunshine she projects that will continue to make our world a little brighter.

We thank you for respecting our privacy in this difficult time by allowing us this opportunity to share these words with all of you today. Again, though we may now grieve for the loss of our daughter, let us also move forward by celebrating her life.

Thank you."


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