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The new 'Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend' app really validates the term 'there's an app for everything'. 

Have you ever looked to a friend, co-worker, family member or loved one for relationship advice?  Bet you have!  Tying to figure out whether to stay or go is quite a task for thousands of people everyday.  Is your relationship salvageable?  Is is really that bad?  Or are you just looking at the bad when the good clearly outweighs the bad?  Or is it really time to move on.  Well, there's an app for that.  No need to involve others anymore, just a few taps of your phone could give you the answer - or at least bring you far closer to making a decision.

The app 'Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend' was created by Chicago-based programmer Sarah Gray in her living room while working through her own relationship problems.

The app warns that it cannot replace 'discussions with a licensed therapist, a best friend or a favorite pet', but it can certainly provide a fresh point of view.

[Via:  MailOnline]

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