This was scary to watch.

A pastor in Nashville may have saved the lives of many after he took down a man wielding a gun during a Sunday service.

You can see the man enter the church with the gun, then proceed to make his way up to the altar where the services were being conducted.

After being distracted by others in the congregation, the gunman loses sight of the pastor and that's when the pastor reacts.

Twitter via Jackie DelPilar

Out of nowhere, the pastor tackles the gun-wielding man and with the assistance of others, they are able to contain the individual with the gun.

Luckily, no one appears to be injured in the scary incident, but you can see several who are n the church run for cover as the man is taken down.

According to Fox17, officers identified the gunman as 26-year-old Dezire Baganda. "They say while Baganda was being taken into custody, he claimed he was Jesus and that all churches and schools need to be "shot up."


I applaud the pastor for acting so quickly, but remember to never approach anyone who may have a weapon in his or her possession.

Here's the video from inside the church as the man with the gun is tackled and taken down until police arrived on the scene.

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