Soon we will all be hearing fireworks in the distance as America celebrates its Independence and one Sheriff's Department has an important, yet hilarious, message for those they serve and protect.

A few things about fireworks are you either love them or hate them, and they can be dangerous if you're careless.

Knowing that, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office reminded folks that you should never drink while doing fireworks, they'd hate for you to lose a finger or two and not be able to use the signal on your vehicle.

The agency didn't stop there, the social media post would then go on to encourage those in St. Tammany Parish to not call 911 to report fireworks.

Apparently, in previous years the 911 system there was flooded with calls from people thinking they were hearing gunshots when it was fireworks.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office would end by reminding everyone to not blow up anything this year for the Fourth of July, especially their phone lines.

We love this social media page because it is so entertaining, yet informative. Check out their latest post as we approach Independence Day.

And yes, please say this week.

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