Shaq does it again.

Patrick Martin posted on Facebook that he and someone by the name of Mo ran into Shaquille O'Neal AT a Best Buy store in Georiga and they offered up their condolences to the former NBA great.

Not only has Shaq recently lost his sister to cancer, but he tragically lost his former teammate Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash.

Just recently on national television, Shaq poured his heart out on the recent losses in his life and you could see that he was visibly hurt.

Apparently Patrick saw that moment on television and that's what prompted him to walk up to the big guy and offer up prayers.

Well, as Patrick and Mo walked away from Shaquill O'Neal, they heard Shaq say come see. So, they walked back over to Shaq and they were instructed by the former NBA great to go and get the nicest laptop in the store. Shaq wanted to buy it for them.

According to Patrick's post, Shaq told them he liked them and he wanted to thank them for being so nice to him.

This isn't the first time I hear Shaq doing this. He is the absolute nicest man walking this planet.


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