Shaquille O'Neal is one of the greatest centers and players the NBA has ever seen. He is charismatic and humble, never putting himself before the greats that came before him. Shaq delivered one of the most heartfelt odes to the NBA I have ever seen.

Shaq touched on what exactly makes the NBA special. The passing of the torch, the history of the game told down through generations, and the embracement of the young by the old and vice versa make the NBA so special. It was so special that the legend Ernie Johnson said that might've been the best thing he's ever heard Shaq say. That is how amazing this speech was.

Being that the NBA was honoring the 75 greatest basketball players of all time, Shaq is high up on that list. However, he never boasted or bragged about his name. No instead he embraced those that came before him and thanked them because without them there's no Shaq. This was easily the most powerful thing I saw over the weekend.

Shaq will continue to carry the torch of the big man before it's his time to pass it on. And he has earned this spot in NBA history.

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