A new study shows that while TV networks attempt to increase their ratings by hiring attractive female anchors and accentuating their “positive” features, this practice may actually reduce the amount of news and information that male viewers absorb.

According to www.consumerist.com, two researchers asked study participants to watch newscasts that had the same content.  In one version, the female anchor wore a tight dark blue jacket with a skirt that accented her waist and hips.  She also wore bright red lipstick and a necklace.  In the other newscast, the anchorwoman wore a shapeless loose jacket and skirt, without lipstick or any jewelry. 

Male study subjects were asked to answer 10 multiple choice questions about the content of stories they watched in both newscasts.   Men remembered significantly more news and information watching the “unsexy” female anchor deliver the news more so than her “sexy” counterpart.  Hmmm… sounds like it’s time for a more in-depth study on Hot Male Anchors… right ladies?