There was some good news coming out of storm-damaged Vernon Parish yesterday. That news was that a Mega Millions lottery ticket sold in New Llano was worth $10,000. I am sure that's comforting to at least one family there. However, the news that the likelihood of a return of severe weather to the area tonight is probably taking the luster right off that $10,000 bright spot.

The Storm Prediction Center has now fine-tuned their severe weather outlook for the next 24 to 36 hours and it doesn't bode well for most of Louisiana. The SPC has placed a large portion of northern and central Louisiana in the enhanced risk for severe storms.

The rest of the state from the Alexandria area southward has been included in the slight risk for severe weather. Meanwhile, from the Lafayette area eastward toward Baton Rouge and New Orleans the severe threat is only marginal today, but more storms are expected in those areas during the early morning hours of Thursday.

However, the Futurecast from KATC's Rob Perillo seems to suggest that most of Acadiana won't feel the effects of the storm system until very late tonight but more likely our worst weather will push through after midnight.

Once again it does appear as if the best scenarios for severe weather will unfold just to the north of Acadiana. Again along and north of U.S. 190 is where the stronger storms are expected, however, most forecast models push the worst of that weather closer to the I-20 corridor.


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