Republican Senator Bill Cassidy supports President Donald Trump’s legal challenges in several states over the result of the November 3rd election but admits it will be difficult to get the courts to overturn the election. Cassidy says the President should not concede until he runs out of legal options.

“There’s an impatience for the courts to do its business, but when the courts do their business than if it turns out President Trump losses those court cases, the President will concede,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy says it’s important for the over 70-million people that voted for the President that he gets his day in court. But he says the legal obstacles are apparent and if it turns out the courts do not rule in his favor, he’ll concede.

“There’s just this impatience that I notice that people just say Oh my gosh he’s got to do this, but he has got the right to take it through that pathway, he will and it will be determined by courts whether or not it’s true,” said Cassidy.

Some are concerned President Trump is creating a disadvantage for President-elect Joe Biden, who is preparing to be sworn in on January 20th. But Cassidy says the former Vice President is receiving intelligence briefings and the election legal battle will not interrupt the distribution of COVID vaccines once they are available.

“The FDA is having its hearings on Facebook Live, so there is nothing hidden about this, it’s been a transparent process,” said Cassidy.

(Story written by Jeff Palermo/Louisiana Radio Network)

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