Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy seems to be a man of even temper. He also, at least to me, appears to be the kind of leader that is willing to hear another person's point of view. That doesn't mean he will agree with it, and apparently, if the remark that is made happens to be false or disparaging, especially about Louisiana, Mr. Cassidy becomes quite incensed.

President Joe Biden has not been on Cassidy's good side since he was sworn in as President. Mr. Biden's policy changes and cuts have deeply affected Louisiana's oil and gas industry and to add insult to injury, the President recently made remarks that suggest Louisiana's oil and gas industry are responsible for a so-called "Cancer Alley" fueled by industrial pollution. 

Senator Cassidy, speaking with reporters on Tuesday called the remarks by the President "a slam on Louisiana". Mr. Cassidy isn't wrong. The context in which the President used the phrase was part of his discussion and explanation for the recent flurry of executive orders. Which to some seemed like an all-out assault on the lifeblood of Louisiana's economy.

Senator Cassidy, who is a medical doctor, did acknowledge our state does have higher cancer rates than some other states. However, Cassidy did not blame those higher cancer instances on oil and gas. He suggested in his comments that the state's health issues are more lifestyle-related. You know choices like smoking, eating way too much, and getting limited exercise.

The Louisiana Chemical Association echoed Senator Cassidy's rebuke of President Biden's remarks. The LCA noted that our state's tumor registry shows no clear cluster of cancer in the area between Baton Rouge and New Orleans that is often referred to as "cancer alley".

Meanwhile, Cassidy and other leaders from oil and gas producing states are calling for the President to overturn many of the executive orders he recently overturned. The consortium of legislators has spoken out on the changes authorized by the President, calling many of them "job killers".

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