Want to be successful? Better work these things into your routine.

I've heard before that success is built in the small things you do every day. While you can make big moves to further your career, it's the little things that add up. I believe daily habits can be a huge indicator of just how high you can soar.

And billionaires agree.

CNBC recently posted a list of six little things that self-made billionaires like Oprah and Elon Musk do each day. Many hold onto the idea that success is a work in progress. Maybe adding all six tasks it overkill, but start with one or two.

1. Read - Be it fiction, self-help, personal development, how-to... the list goes on and on. Find books that are outside of your career path and dive in every single day. Reading allows you to see the world from a different perspective.

2. Get out of your comfort zone - Growth comes from discomfort. If you're continuing to do the same, comfortable things each day, you will stifle your growth in the process. Face something intimidating head on, learn a new skill, or try a new hobby.

3. Exercise - I'm a firm believer that your mental and physical states are very much grounded in your physical. In fact, a five-year study recently found that successful people who exercised consistently had a competitive advantage over those who didn't. I find exercising gives me a confidence boost as well.

4. Give back - Successful people understand the importance of giving back. The Giving Pledge was created by Bill and Melinda Gates along with Warren Buffett. Those who take the pledge are committed to giving away more than half of their fortune. You don't have to go that far. Maybe just give some of your time to others.

5. Remember your competition - Michael Jordan once said, "I play to win, weather during a practice or a real game." Whether competing against a real opponent or just himself, he was there to win. Use your competitors or the old you to motivate you to do more.

6. Get outside - Put the phone down! The American Psychology Association recently found that outdoor walks can boost creativity and problem-solving skills. Don't have a lot of time? Maybe you can take a walk through the parking lot or around the office during your lunch break.

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