The new 2020 KTDY Mardi Gras t-shirts are in and everyone wants one. The newly designed Mardi Gras logo by Rytek in St. Martinville is on hundreds of shirts that will be loaded onto the Townsquare Media float for the Independent parade on Fat Tuesday.

KTDY Mardi Gras T-shirt (Back)
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Those who have been lucky enough to win one of the highly sought after KTDY Mardi Gras shirts using the KTDY mobile app, rave about the new design. The new KTDY Mardi Gras logo featuring an alligator wearing beads appears on a white, short-sleeved cotton tee.

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Hundreds of these shirts will be thrown from the Townsquare Media Mardi Gras float during the last parade of the day on Fat Tuesday. KTDY employees riding the Townsquare Media float will be looking exclusively for KTDY signs along the parade route. If you've ever ridden on a Mardi Gras float, then you know it is 100% impossible to hear anything, that's why the bigger the sign, the better chance you will be seen.

Hold those KTDY signs up high and Happy Mardi Gras from 99.9 KTDY.

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