When I started out in radio we played records. Actual records. Now my daughter works in the music business in Nashville, and I don't know if she's ever even seen a real record. That's just one of the many things we people over the age of 40 have to explain to the youngsters today. I'll tell you something else, I managed to get a college degree without ever getting on a computer. Hard to imagine, but totally true!

Buzz Feed has some awesome takes on things that we all said, but are no longer even remotely practical. Read them, and have a good laugh, y'all.

  • 'Don't use up all the minutes on my phone'  And if you went over, boy was it expensive
  • 'Gettin' jiggy with it'
  • 'Mom, I can get 12 cd's for a penny!' thank you for all the great music, Columbia House!
  • 'Just chirp me' saving minutes on that phone by using a walkie talkie
  • 'Black lights look so cool in my room' - and let's be honest, they showed up everything.
  • 'Let's make it a Blockbuster night' - oh, the days of running down to the video store to get a movie...
  • 'Star 69 them' - long before the days of caller id
  • 'More cowbell!' - sorry, I still say this!
  • 'All my hours have run out on my AOL account' - stressful, for sure
  • 'Be kind, rewind' and some places charged you if you didn't!
  • 'Put a penny on the needle, and the record won't skip' - our albums were well worn jewels, but they sometimes needed a little help to play!
  • 'He's so metrosexual' Do we even have those anymore? Maybe David Beckham
  • 'Look it up in the Yellow Pages' - long gone, for sure!
  • 'Let's find the nearest phone booth'

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