Santa's sleigh must have been in the shop.

How else to explain this video of a man dressed as Saint Nick tooling around Dublin on a seasonally-decorated motorbike next to a man in a Rudolph suit on a motorcycle.

The scooter Santa's got here looks pretty good, although we wonder how much reindeer power it has. We're guessing he doesn't want to take out his actual sleigh until the big day to deliver presents arrives. After all, you'd hate for him to get into an accident and scramble for a way to deliver all those gifts.

Finding a magical flying vehicle with enough cargo space to carry a world's worth of toys that inexplicably can fit into a sack the size of a pillowcase is no easy task, you know. It's almost as hard as believing someone would actually fork over 30 grand for this hideous Christmas sweater or $85 for a stupid rock.

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