New Orleans Saints Safety Kenny Vaccaro has done a lot of travelling this offseason. After stops in Amsterdam, Paris, and Dubai, he traveled to Kenya. Vaccaro said, it was a stark contrast after visiting one of the wealthiest places on Earth.

“We literally stopped in Dubai, which is one of the richest places in the world, and then you go there, and it’s crazy. The kids are so happy. They’re running around having fun. They’re thankful. They’re constantly holding our hand. Hugging us, just wanting to feel loved the whole time. It was pretty amazing compared to the kids here that are crying when they don’t get an iPad."  - Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro

Vaccaro, defensive end Alex Okafor, and former soccer player Michael Hobbs have teamed up in an effort to help the Blessed Hope Primary School. They've purchased land, and established a gofundme to build additional classrooms.

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