Perhaps the New Orleans Saints were destined to lose yesterday's game to the New York Giants in disappointing fashion.

A misspelled name of one of the greatest players in team history hanging high above the upper deck of the dome is somewhat ominous.

When Saints fans filled up the Caesar's Superdome for the first time since January of 2020, they noticed a number of new renovations.

On-field suites. New seating. And an updated Ring of Honor.

How prestigious is the Saints Ring of Honor? With only 6 members, it's an elite group.

The six include Pro Football Hall of Famers Morten Andersen, Rickey Jackson, and Willie Roaf, former quarterback Archie Manning, the late Will Smith, and the late Tom Benson.

However, being one of the best players in franchise history doesn't mean the team will spell your name right.

That's right, Morten Andersen's name is misspelled "Morton". He's not a steakhouse. He's a Hall of Famer.

Fortunately for Morten, the signs are currently illuminated, rather than a paint job, so the fix from "o" to "e" is an easy one.

It's not like this old Snickers commercial when the end zone painter forgot the "I".

"Great googly moogly".

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