Saints running back Alvin Kamara is officially living the dual-sport athlete life.

Kamara will be picking up the job as the first-ever Growth and Engagement Advisor for NASCAR. You can read the entire story here via ESPN 1420, but what did head coach Sean Payton have to say about his star running back picking up a second full-time job?

After NASCAR dropped a video highlighting their new Growth and Engagement Advisor, the next step for Kamara was finding out if his New Orleans Saints head coach was cool with the move.

The Saints running back casually dropped a tweet showing his NASCAR credentials.

For those who don't know, Sean Payton actually got hitched over the weekend and is currently enjoying his honeymoon in Mexico. He didn't hesitate to acknowledge his star running back, but also sent him a very clear message.

Sean offered to send down the Mariachi band that performed at his wedding, but even more so he made it clear that he didn't wanna be bothered while he was on his honeymoon.

Alvin immediately understood the hints that Coach Payton was dropping, letting him know that he got the message and understood the assignment.

So, what's next for NASCAR Alvin? It seems like he has already jumped into his role at the giant racing company based on the interviews he did at a NASCAR event on Tuesday.

See the full story behind Kamara's big NACAR deal at ESPN 1420.

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