As you sit on your patio, porch, or in your car this morning and admire the beautiful South Louisiana sunrise you can thank the Sahara Desert for providing some of the colors your seeing. That's right, dust from Africa has made its way across the Atlantic in the Gulf South of the United States and not everyone is happy about that.

While Saharan Dust has its advantages. Mostly in the form of spectacular sunrises and sunsets and on occasion, hurricane abatement. Most people don't really care for the added haze and allergic reactions the dust can bring. The added dust in our atmosphere can exacerbate symptoms of allergy sufferers.

Allergy experts warn those with severe allergies, especially to dust, to take precautions. That might mean limiting your time outdoors or adjusting your allergy medication. In some cases, those who are extremely sensitive to the dust might want to wear a mask when leaving their homes.

As for the rest of us, just sit back and marvel at the amazing display of colors the dust brings to the sky, especially at sunset. The tiny particles help create vivid oranges, reds, and yellows that really contrast with the blue and purple of the fading sunlight.


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