Everyone's favorite Christmas villain, The Grinch, is wreaking havoc down in Florida and racking up millions of TikTok views.

Kaylin King
Universal Studios, Florida

"Grinchmas" is currently underway at Universal Studios at the Islands of Adventure. You can tour Whoville, interact with the Lou Who's, and meet the "Mean One" himself as well as Max.

The Grinch's interactions with adults and kids are going viral on TikTok. He is the definition of a menace and does not break character for anyone. Some of the videos had me in tears and need to be seen by everyone that loves the movies.

The first viral video of The Grinch got nearly 55 million views. Here he is, in classic Grinch fashion, welcoming in guests and going on a rant about his abysmal day. A top tier interaction for this user.

Whoever is playing this character needs a raise immediately. He goes takes his role seriously. Here's part 2 of his story about how his best companion completely messed up his breakfast plan, including placing some sassy blame on his guests.

I can't tell you how many times I've watched these videos. They are all over my TikTok feed because I've liked them so much.

I'm not a Christmas person at all. But, my favorite part of the holiday is The Grinch. Some people even call me The Grinch because I'm not a fan of Christmas. These videos crack me up and even prove that me and The Grinch have something in common; sarcasm during the holidays and attitude.

Here's a perfect example: Don't steal his look or he will show out.

These videos make me want to book my tickets to Orlando immediately. TikTok users say that lines to meet him and have these interactions take nearly 3-4 hours just to get in the door. I think it would be 100% worth it because I have seen no interaction that is the same and there's tons of videos swarming the internet.

Just be careful if you bring the kids... Mr. Grinch shows no mercy to anyone, big or small.

If you want to see one person's experience meeting the Christmas villain himself, check out this video below.

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