Reports say that one family got quite the surprise when they arrived home to find their roof being removed. Apparently, the roofing company got the wrong address for a job but now the family is experiencing damage to their home as their insurance claims continue to be denied.

It's going to cost the family over $70,000 to fix this mess, per reports.


According to WAFB, one Idaho family is going through a stressful time as they work to resolve the mistakes made by a roofing company. You see, the roofing company inadvertently removed the family's roof after getting the wrong address for a job.

Check out the note that was left by an employee of the company to the family after realizing the mistake that was made.


In the note, the contractor apologized for the inconvenience and provided the necessary information to get in touch with the roofing company.

Reports say that the roofing company told this Idaho family that their insurance would cover the costs to have a replacement roof put on. But apparently, that is not the case as the family's insurance claims have repeatedly been denied.

Facebook via WAFB Channel 9
Facebook via WAFB Channel 9

Now, the mistake is having compounding consequences as rainwater is entering through the tarp that now covers the home. The health of the family's children is at risk as the smell of mold and mildew is reportedly overwhelming where they sleep.

Reports add that the roofing company has said that they are, "... working to fix the mistake".

See the full report shared by WAFB Channel 9 via Facebook below.

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