Weeks after the NFC Championship debacle, where the Los Angeles Rams moved on to the Super Bowl, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally responded to a scathing letter from Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

According to KPLC, and WAFB in Baton Rouge the response to Edwards was sent on February 6th, and made public yesterday, February 11th. Part of Goodell's letter stated 'Our rules do not permit the Commissioner to overturn the result of a game because of an officiating error, and I believe it would be wrong for me to do so', but you can read the whole thing here.

Governor Edwards responded with this statement 'Though it is cold comfort to New Orleans Saints fans, I applaud the Commissioner’s willingness to review the officiating error closely to determine if similar errors can be prevented in the future through rule or procedure changes. I appreciate his response to my letter.'

Just FYI - we're still not over it, Mr Commissioner... #WHODAT

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