The Little Big Cup in Arnaudville is one of the most charming restaurants you'll find in all of south Louisiana. Located on a beautiful bayou, it's revered by folks from near and far as having some of the best Cajun cuisine around.

It's also a place where magical things sometimes happen. One such occurrence took place this past Sunday during the restaurant's popular brunch and luckily it was captured on video.

Mr. Lyle Chauvin and his wife made their way for a special meal at The Little Big Cup on Sunday. Why was the meal special? Simply put, Mr. Chauvin is dying. And according to Little Big Cup owner Sanjay Maharaj, "he wanted one of his last meals at The Little Big Cup!"

As you'll see in the video below, employees and guests joined in to sing "Amazing Grace" for this kind gentleman.

If this doesn't give you the frissons, put a little mirror under your nose and make sure it fogs up.

"What an amazing tribute to this Wonderful Man, Veteran, Husband & Father!" wrote Sanjay in the post.

While we wanted to show the world this beautiful video, we also wanted to be respectful to Mr. Chauvin and his family. But we do want to thank him for his service to our country. We pray for peace to you and your family for whatever time you have left on God's earth.

We reached out to Sanjay Maharaj about the video and why he posted it.

"We just want to show how people can come together. The Little Big Cup is becoming a place for such special milestones and we are honored," said Sanjay.

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