These stories always catch my eye, as the first dog I ever owned (when I was 15) I had to rescue (read: steal) from a family that was neglecting her.

I was working at a shipyard in LaRose, helping my uncle build a shrimp boat, and there was a family that lived near the shipyard that had a litter of puppies, with the momma dog, in a kennel that was no bigger than 3 feet square, with no shelter.  The floor of the kennel was mud, which was the same mud that the dogs had to drink if they wanted to drink.  I cried because I knew I could only steal one, but I got her and she turned out to be a wonderful, loving dog.  I named her Collette.

According to The Beagle Freedom Project, these beagles were being used for research at a laboratory in Spain.  Having lived in steel cages for THEIR WHOLE LIVES (between 4 and 7 years), this video records their first steps onto grass, and their first venture, on their own, out of a cage.  A very moving video!

(Via YouTube)