The new development in Downtown Lafayette is now reported to include a 4-star hotel that is "well-known". The exact hotel property that will take up six floors of the Seven 16 Tower is undisclosed, but some details are emerging on what will be quite the lavish stay.

See the latest update from Developing Lafayette on Facebook below.

According to the above post, a 4-star hotel has just signed a contract with the Seven 16 Tower in Downtown Lafayette. The report says that which hotel property it is remains undisclosed, but that they are, "well-known".

The report adds that plans for the hotels include it spanning six floors of the Towers, with a two-story lobby. "A grand-staircase, high-end accommodations, a pool, and a rooftop lounge", are said to be included.

Just today, we reported that condos have been listed for sale at the Seven 16 Tower and prices of those condos span the range of $600,000 to $2,400,000.

Needless to say, there is a lot of money and attention on the tower that would become the tallest building in Lafayette. I know I am excited to see how this entire project shapes out as its success would be a massive step of progress for Downtown and the entire city of Lafayette.

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