One day after SEC commissioner Greg Sankey pushed the state of Mississippi to change its state flag, threatening to take away conference championship events from Mississippi if they didn't, the NCAA is doing the same, according to SI's Ross Dellenger.

It is the only state flag that contains a Civil War-era Confederate battle flag on it.

With NASCAR banning confederate flags from all its events last week, the world of college sports is trying to put pressure on the state of Mississippi to change the portion of their own flag that contains it.

Sports Illustrated has learned that the NCAA Board of Governors on Friday plans to consider aligning its postseason policy with that of the SEC: no flag change, no NCAA championship events.

It's Time To Change, Mississippi - by Ross Dellenger

For anyone reading who has been to a postseason sporting event in the state of Mississippi, such as an NCAA Super Regional in baseball or softball, you can easily see college sports are huge in Mississippi.

While Ole Miss and Mississippi State have not flown the flag on their campus in the last 4 or 5 years, both (along with Southern Miss and others) could be penalized if the Mississippi Legislature doesn't act.

For example, if Southern Miss baseball put itself in a position to host a Regional next year, but the Mississippi state flag still has the confederate flag in its top-left corner, the NCAA would not award the Golden Eagles a host site.

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