Music festivals are not cheap. From travel, lodging, and're going to spend a pretty penny to catch your favorite artists play over the course of a few days.

21st Annual Electric Daisy Carnival - Day 3
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EDC was held this past weekend in Las Vegas, and every year, people find receipts in and around the VIP area of the outrageous bar tabs people pay. This year is no different.

Check out the receipt for one partygoer, who seemingly had a party of 15...and paid an ungodly amount of money.

Now that your jaw is fully on the floor...let's dissect this, shall we? You're going to encounter upcharges on normally cheap things, like water and red bulls. That's how they get you. This person, whoever they are, dropped nearly $300,000 BEFORE including gratuity, meaning the service charge at 20% was nearly $50,000...making the GRAND TOTAL $323,840.89. Let that sink in.

There's another receipt floating around from this year that totals around $200,000. The catch was the SAME server for both of these outrageous tickets. She made bank. Get your money, girl!

These receipts that have come out over the last few years from this festival are OUTRAGEOUS. I can't even imagine having enough money to blow on temporary things like this, but even if I was, I would never. I mean, I can't be mad at it, especially if that server cashed out with $40,000 in tips from TWO tables?? That's insane. I think I've found my new side hustle during festival season.

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