Do you believe what you just saw? We have the video from the Awapuni Racing Centre in New Zealand. The action in the video covers the entire race. If you skip ahead to 6:30 you'll be able to see more clearly the spot in the race that had everyone's jaw dropping on Saturday.  As you can see horse number 6, Des De Jeu, has a bit of an issue getting over a fence during a steeplechase race.

You can see Des De Jeu and jockey Aaron Kuru go to the ground right after the ill performed jump. What you might not notice is the Kuru managed to hang on to his mount and pull himself back into the saddle.

Here are some different angles.

What happens after that is the stuff that racing legends are made of. Des De Jeu not only recovers from his faltered step, he regains his momentum and actually crosses the finish line first.

I am pretty sure if he would have been carrying the weight of my two dollars there would have been no way he could have gotten on to his feet again.

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