People who work at businesses all across Acadiana are very friendly, but unfortunately, people will take advantage of our kindness.

When I was a cashier years ago at a yogurt shop, a guy tried this "Quick Change" Money scam on me, and the only reason I didn't end up giving him to much money was because my boss had heard about the scam circulating.  He

Suspect #2, photo courtesy of Scott Police Department

told us what to expect.

In one scenario, the person may ask for change, then they confuse you saying they gave you a $20 instead of a $10, and then with sleight of hand and confusion, you end up giving them more money.

So basically, they are stealing from you.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger says the woman with the darker hair is the primary suspect in the Scott case, while the woman with the red hair is the primary suspect in incidents that happened in Duson and Patterson.

Don't let these women get away with this. Please share this so that they can be identified and questioned.

If you can identify either one or both of these people, please call the Scott Police Department at 337-889-5105.