We received a message from Angelle on Facebook regarding our post about money that was lost in New Iberia.

Facebook/Rita Broussard
Facebook/Rita Broussard

Monique Langlinais had posted to Facebook that she had misplaced/dropped/lost a wad of cash at Super 1 in New Iberia. $678, to be exact. She made a plea on Facebook that we shared, and we've just received some great news.

The money wasn't recovered, but someone from Texas saw our post and decided to pay it forward: they replaced all of the money that Monique had lost.

You see, the money that she lost is all she had for the rest of the month (she lost the money on the 4th. Yikes!). Monique needed that money to pay bills and wasn't certain what she was going to do had the money not been recovered.

We don't know many details of the situation, but it seems that there are good people left in the world. Kudos to the person in Texas who decided to pay it forward; you are a beacon of hope in our world.

As for the actual money that Monique lost: if you found that money, I hope that you do the right thing and return it to Monique. If you know that person that found the money, I hope that YOU do the right thing and convince them to return the money. I know that it would do Monique's heart good to be able to repay the good samaritan from Texas.

If you're the one who found the money and decided to keep it, I hope that you get what's yours.



A New Iberia woman posted a plea on Facebook, asking if anyone finds some money wrapped in a Super 1 receipt to please return it.

Monique Langlinais claims that she lost $678 in New Iberia, maybe at the Super 1 grocery store. She made two trips to the store on Tuesday, but can't be sure when or where she dropped the money.

Google Maps Super 1 New Iberia
Google Maps Super 1 New IberiaJohn Falcon

Langlinais, in her plea, says that the $678 is all she has left for the month to pay bills, and hopes that, by the Grace of God, someone finds the money and returns it.

If you or someone you know found money wrapped up in a Super 1 receipt in New Iberia, do the right thing and return the money. Imagine if it was YOUR money that was lost, what would you want people to do?

Monique, we hope that someone does the right thing and turns in your money. Good luck.


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