This sweet little puppy was playing in his backyard last week when out of nowhere a python strikes and begins to squeeze the life out of him. If the pup's owners had noticed just seconds later, it would have been too late for the ole boy.

The 9-month-old puppy Jasper is seen in this security footage from YouTuber Wolf Hope just getting out in his backyard for a little playtime. He seems to be having a great time enjoying the outdoors when in the blink of an eye things go from great to very, very bad.

A carpet python springs out of the bushes and instantly begins squeezing the life out of Jasper. Luckily, Jasper's owners heard him whimpering and went outside to see what the problem was.

That's when they saw their puppy completely wrapped up by the snake.

The mother and daughter from Queensland, Australia acted quickly, initially clubbing the python with the first thing they could grab, a cardboard Christmas wrapping tube.

Clearly that wasn't going to solve the problem. That's when the motherly instincts kicked in and things got real.

The mom then grabbed the snake and started swinging it around and forcefully pried the constricted python off of her pup. Eventually the snake realized the situation was getting bad and reluctantly decided to let the puppy go.

From YouTube -

Puppy Jasper was lucky to escape an attack from a carpet python in our backyard today. The almost 9-week-old pup had taken himself out to go to the toilet and then had a little play in the garden before he was attacked by a snake sitting under the chili bush. It quickly wrapped around him and his puppy cries alerted us to his trouble.

Thankfully Jasper received only minimal injuries and hopefully this incident reminds others to keep a close eye on their pets.


Great job you two! Jasper is a lucky pup to have such a great family.

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