One of the practices I've seen lately at Catholic Mass is when, during The Lord's Prayer, the congregation all hold hands, extended toward Heaven.  This is a practice with which, as a Catholic, I did not grow up.

Both holding someone’s hand and lifting up one’s hands when praying the Lord’s Prayer are, in the case of the faithful, non-liturgical practices; even though they are not explicitly prohibited in the missal, they are not appropriate for a healthy Liturgy. - Fr. Henry Vargas Holquin

Now I've seen it in several different Diocese.  I understand the want to be "closer" to your neighbors in and through Christ, but according to Father Henry Vargas Holguin, it's a practice that has no place in the Catholic Church.

Fr. Holguin's commentary is printed on the Aleteia website.  He comments on how the practice was taken from the Protestant faith, who he says "do not have a real and valid sacramental Communion that joins them with God."

He adds that, though holding hands or extending one's hands up towards Heaven aren't prohibited, "they are not appropriate for a healthy Liturgy."

What are your thoughts?