History is pretty amazing. And every time I hear about some valuable treasures that were lost, and then later recovered, it is actually kind of mind boggling. You wonder how some things that are so valuable could go missing, right? I mean, look at all the important Jewish artifacts that were stolen by the Nazi's during WWII and have been located and returned to their rightful owners years later. Don't you ever wonder why nobody came forward before that? So many questions!

Blizzlift found some extremely valuable things that have seemingly been lost forever, and it's fascinating. Some of my favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list.

  • The Arc of the Covenant. The chest that houses the tablet with the Ten Commandments on it. It hasn't been seen since 587 BC.
  • William Shakespeare's lost play 'Love's Labour's Won'. Some think it was a sequel to his 1590's 'Love's Labour's Lost', but no copies exist to this day. A theory out there is that what we now know as his 'Much Ado About Nothing' play might actually be it.
  • Romanov family Faberge Eggs. About 50 of the jeweled and extremely valuable Easter eggs were given to the Russian first family by jeweler Peter Carl Faberge between 1855 and 1916. During the Russian Revolution, the royal family was famously executed and the eggs have never been seen since.
  • Leonardo da Vinci's lost mural. The artist painted a mural in1505 at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence that showed the 1440 Battle of Anghiari. When the building underwent renovations in 1563, the valuable panels went missing, and have never been found since.
  • Stolen Nazi Gold at Lake Toplitz. The Nazi's were famous for stealing treasures from the Jews during WWII. Rumor has it that chests filled with gold were sunk into Austria's Lake Toplitz by an SS Officer named Ernst Kaltenbrunner. Although many people have attempted to located the gold, it has never surfaced.

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