What's really happening here?

A video of a young boy sitting in someone's yard in Louisiana has gone viral after it shows a glass of water inverted on his head.

As you can see here, a towel is placed on the young boy's head and a glass of water is upside down on his head.

His mother says this tactic is used to relieve him of headaches.


You can see bubbles forming in the glass as water pours down the side of his head, and some say that this practice actually works and that it has helped them too in the past.

Others on social media say that the bubbles you see forming in the glass have nothing to do with removing the pressure that may have built up in his head. Rather, they say the bubbles are being formed as a result of the water seeping out of the glass.

Look, we live in the deep South where many have ancient practices (voodoo) to cure diseases and other ailments so I am not going to question what may or may not be happening here.

I do ask though, if you suffer from headaches, and many do around here, would you consider trying this, or have you and what was the result?

Check out this video below and let us know what you think is really happening here.


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