The multi-state Powerball drawing is a game of chance. It's a game of long odds but with very big rewards. Tonight your reward should you match 5 of the white balls and the red Powerball will be $310 million bucks. That estimated jackpot would translate to a one-time cash payout of $189.3 million if you just can't wait to get paid over a couple of decades.

So, what is the secret to picking the winning numbers? Obviously, there is a lot of luck that will have to be on your side. If you're a fan of the book The Secret then you know you should be attracting the winning numbers to your mind by believing that you've already won the Powerball. I've done that and the check for the yacht bounced but I am still trying.

Realistically there are games you play that are much harder to win than the Powerball. Your chances of picking a perfect bracket during March Madness NCAA Basketball tournament are actually longer than the odds to win the Powerball game.

Almost everyone has their lucky numbers, while some winners that are trying to sell you a book say you should use those numbers, the experts say you shouldn't bother with that.

In fact, in the recent Powerball game that saw a record jackpot of over a billion dollars, a quick pick was played for the win .Another strike against playing or not playing numbers based on perceived luck was the choice by players to not choose unlucky 13  as the Powerball that cost more than a few players a slice of that big jackpot.

Most winners in the Powerball game have simply done quick picks. That's where the computer chooses your numbers at random. Your odds are still very long but they are actually better than playing a particular set of numbers every week.

We do know that certain numbers come up more often than other numbers do. Why does that happen? It's all by chance but for some reason, those numbers just happen to be drawn at random more often than others.

Now you know as much as the Powerball experts, statisticians, and former winners. It's your choice if you think it's worth it to play the game. We always suggest that you don't spend money you can't afford to lose. Please play responsibly and good luck should you choose to play the game.

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