One of the most heartwarming local stories has quickly taken a sad turn.

Cody, the Popeyes worker who just received a brand new eBike, was reportedly hit while riding it near his home in Vermilion Parish on Thursday evening.

Lane Boudreaux, the man who organized a fundraiser to help Cody with transportation, was nearby when the accident happened.


According to a Facebook post from Boudreaux, he had just dropped off Cody after getting a new rear light for his bike along with a reflective vest for him to wear when he rides at night. Boudreaux said he watched Cody get his bike out of the back of his truck and ride away when he noticed a truck "flying" toward them.

Boudreaux waved for the truck to slow down, but when the driver took the inside curve it was too late.

Lane tells me that although Cody was banged up, he was responsive and has been taken to a local hospital.

Hes responsive And on the way to the hospital as we speak. Please take a second and pray for him.🙏🏼😭

Prayers have been rolling in on Lane's Facebook post about the accident—many of them from people who just learned about Cody through the heartfelt story that was posted earlier today about what led to him receiving the new bike.

I asked Lane for an update on Cody and he told me that they're trying to get information but it's difficult being that they aren't kin.

You can read up on the original story here as we are saying a prayer for Cody and will update this story when we get any new information.

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