This isn't a hard news story. This is just one of those stories to take our minds off of our troubles for a few minutes.

If you're like me, you probably agree with some politicians and disagree with others. If you're like me, you are also an animal lover. When I started thinking about how divided people can be politically I also began to think about areas where people can find some come ground, so I thought about pets.

I have two dogs, Marlie and Gracie. They are two of the sweetest little souls you will ever meet. They love most anyone they come into contact with, and it reminds me that if animals can love humans, then maybe we can find common ground with those we may disagree with by meeting their pets.

You might not agree with my philosophy, and that's totally ok. You can stop reading this right now, or if you love pets, you'll be able to see some really wonderful pets. I also had a chance to find out a little bit about each animal. I wish I had time to meet them all. Most of the area politicians that I contacted have cats, dogs, or both. In the following pictures, you'll be able to check out some local pets, and the people who adore them.

So, for the moment, let's set aside politics, COVID, party politics, disagreements, and all of the other stresses that we might be feeling, and let's just enjoy some of God's many beautiful creations, pets. Keep checking back on this story for updates from other elected officials as they share their sweet pet pictures.

Ignore the Politics & Let's Celebrate the Pets

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