The Polish man says he didn't know the news crew was filming a live shot outside the florist shop.  You can see him grab the arrangement from the open window. The story they were covering had nothing to do with the florist shop. Yes, they caught him.

Here's the description from Breaking News Today:

A Polish news crew reporting live from outside an apartment complex in the north-eastern city of Łomża unwittingly captured some breaking news as their cameras inadvertently recorded a crime in progress.

As the reporter for 24-hour news channel TVN24 went on about two local parents accused of keeping their kids locked indoors for five years, a thief could be seen in the background stealing a bouquet of roses from a flower shop.

Two employees are then seen emerging from the store before quickly returning inside, presumably to phone the police.

Andrzej Czapka was ultimately identified and apprehended, thanks in large part to his appearance on the news.

"I'd broken up with my girlfriend and I wanted to win her back with some flowers but I had no money," he is quoted as telling the police. "I didn't even see the film crew."

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