Just when you thought 2020 was hopeless, Planters Peanuts saves the day. What a brilliant idea, beer-flavored peanuts.

Planters has come out with a new line of non-alcoholic Natural Light (Anheuser-Busch) beer-flavored peanuts. You've heard of beer nuts but never a beer company and a peanut company coming together to combine the two tastes.

Earlier this year Planters Peanuts debuted Baby Nut (who replaced Mr. Peanut) and now with the new Natural Light beer-flavored peanuts, Planters is introducing Peanut Jr. who will replace Baby Nut. The company says Peanut Jr. is 21-years-old.

The reviews are mostly positive. Those who have had the beer-flavored nuts claim the beer flavor is not prevalent at first but as you continue to eat the Natty Light nuts, there is definitely a beer aftertaste. And if you heat them up for a bit, you can smell a beer aroma.

The second ingredient is sugar. This is probably why some people say the new nut contains too much sugar in the coating rendering the new nut way too sweet.

Natural Light beer-flavored peanuts are becoming available at Walmart, Kroger and wherever Planters Peanuts are sold.

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