Did they go too far here?

A pizzeria in Lubbock, Texas is catching some backlash after debuting its "Jeffery Dahmer Pizza" for Halloween.

Capital Pizza has a decoration resembling a pizza on its counter with toppings like fake eyeballs, severed fingers, a fake ear, and noodles that resemble intestines.

Next to the pizza/decoration, there's a sign that reads," Jeffrey Dahmer Special".

And after what many learned from the Netflix series about the infamous serial killer, this has left some very upset with the business in Texas.

I should note here that this pizza is NOT on the menu, but is visible for all to see as they enter and exit the pizzeria.

WREG reports that an employee came up with the decoration and despite the backlash, the manager of Capital Pizza says that they will leave it there until after Halloween.

Take a look at this pizza/decoration and let us know what you think, you can comment on it on the social media page that directed you to this story.

Twitter via Laredo Morning News
Twitter via Laredo Morning News

Here's a more in-depth look at the decoration at the pizzeria in Lubbock, Tx.


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