Pizza Hut is bringing back one of its most popular pizzas.

It has taken more than two decades but Pizza Hut is officially bringing back the "Big New Yorker" pizza.

While this pizza wasn't around for very long it definitely gained a big following very quickly.

The Big New Yorker pizza made its big debut in 1999 and was created to mimic the "size and build" of a New York-style Pizza.

The Big New Yorker is inspired by the spirit of New York with an XL pizza that is as big and bold as the city that never sleeps, says Pizza Hut of the returning item, which comes topped with marinara sauce, extra cheese, and seasoning meant to evoke an authentic New York pizzeria build.

When customers order the Big New Yorker pizza they will be able to get it with any topping of their choosing or just the regular double pepperoni topping. Extra cheese and extra toppings will be available for an additional charge.

Pizza Hut has stated that they have had numerous requests to bring this pizza back since it was retired from the menu. Pizza Hut also cited social media activity, Reddit threads, and a petition “with thousands of signatures” for its decision to put the pizza back on the menu.

If you are wanting to get your hands on a Big New Yorker Pizza it will cost you roughly $13.99 and will be available starting February 1, 2023, for a limited time. However, if you are a Hut Rewards Member you will be able to get the pizza early on January 31, 2023.

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